19th-Century Drama:
British Playwrights of the Romantic Period

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Romantic Drama: Women Playwrights

Baillie, Joanna (1752-1840)

Carlson, Julie A. A review of Catherine B. Burrough Closet Stages: Joanna Baillie and the Theater Theory of British Romantic Women Writers (U of Penn. P 1997). Says Carlson, Prof. Burroughs's book advances the study of Romantic drama and theater with this monograph Baillie, "the lead playwright of her age and considered by some of her peers to be the best playwright since Shakespeare." Romantic Circles Reviews 5 Dec. 1997. Another review, by Thomas C. Crochunis, Romanticism on the Net 12 (1998).

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Overview: British Romantic Drama

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The Romantic Poets: Verse Drama

Byron, George Gordon, Lord (1788-1824)

Byron was the only major Romantic poet who had practical experience in the theater. Byron's dramas: Manfred, A Dramatic Poem (1817). Sardanapalus, A Tragedy (1821). Marino Faliero, Doge of Venice. An Historical Tragedy, in Five Acts. With Notes (1821). The Two Foscari, A Tragedy (1822). Cain, A Mystery (1822). Werner, A Tragedy (1823). The Deformed Transformed; A Drama (1824). For literary criticism and discussion of Byron's dramas, see our Lord Byron page.

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor (1772-1834)

Coleridge's dramas: The Fall of Robespierre. An Historic Drama (1794); Remorse, A Tragedy, in Five Acts (1813). For literary criticism and analysis, see Coleridge and Drama on our Coleridge page.

Keats, John (1795-1821)

Keats's dramas: King Stephen: A Dramatic Fragment (1819). Otho The Great: A Dramatic Fragment (1819). For literary criticism and discussion of Keats, see our John Keats page.

Shelley, Percy Bysshe (1792-1822)

Shelley's dramas: The Cenci. A Tragedy, in Five Acts (1819). Oedipus Tyrannus; or, Swellfoot the Tyrant. A Tragedy. In Two Acts (1820). Prometheus Unbound. A Lyrical Drama (1820). Hellas: A Lyrical Drama (1822). For literary criticism and discussion of Shelley's dramas, see our Percy Bysshe Shelley page.

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