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Emily Brontë, painted by her brother, Branwell Brontë

Emily Brontë (1818-1848)

A selective list of online literary criticism and analysis for the English Victorian novelist Emily Brontë, favoring signed articles by recognized scholars and articles published in peer-reviewed sources

Introduction & Biography

"Emily Brontë." A substantial biography of Emily Brontë, includes a list of recommended biographies and literary criticism for her. Poetry Foundation.

"Emily Brontë." The Victorian Web, ed. George Landow. Essays on Emily Brontë's writing techniques, themes, biography, and the Victorian cultural and historical context.

"Emily Brontë." Overview of Emily Brontë, ed. Lilia Melani. Publication of Wuthering Heights, critical responses, film versions, themes, the narrator, Wuthering Heights as a socio-economic novel, psychological interpretations, religion, metaphysics, mysticism, the Gothic, Romanticism, love, "I am Heathcliff", sex, Emily Brontë's poetry.

Newman, Beth. A review of Edward Chitham's The Birth of Wuthering Heights: Emily Brontë at Work (St. Martin's P 1998). Victorian Studies 42, 2 (Winter 1999)pp 310-12 [substantial extract, muse].

Dolin, Tim. Three studies of the Brontës are reviewed: The Cambridge Companion to the Brontës; and Charlotte Brontë: The Imagination in History; and "We Are Three Sisters": Self and Family in the Writing of the Brontës. In Victorian Studies 47, 1 (Autummn 2004) pp 131-34 [substantial extract, muse].

Vine, Steven. "Emily Brontë." A substantial introduction to Emily Brontë from the Literary Encyclopedia, 7 July 2001. On Wuthering Heights [subscription service].

"The Brontës." Older criticism, with annoying ads, from The Cambridge History of English and American Literature (1907-21).

Literary Criticism

Austin, Linda Marilyn. "Emily Brontë's Homesickness." Victorian Studies 44, 4 (Summer 2002) pp 573-96 [substantial extract, muse].

Crick, Brian. "Charlotte Brontë: Her Sister's Interpreter: Reading Oppositely or Literary Criticism as Special Pleading." Crick notes that Charlotte Brontë's prefatory comments to her sister Emily's Wuthering Heights "have virtually infiltrated the work to become an intimate part of the text itself." Adding "For me these two brief essays are a long-standing source of irritation which even the accepted conventions for publishing academic articles do not warrant disguising." The New Compass: A Critical Review 2 (December 2003).

Farrell, John P. "Wuthering Heights Dreams." ELH 56 (1989) pp 173-208, revised version.

Farrell, John P. "The Reader's Role in Wuthering Heights." Lecture notes from Professor Farrell.

Gezari, Janet. "Fathoming 'Remembrance': Emily Brontë in Context." ELH 66, 4 (Winter 1999) pp 965-84 [substantial extract, muse].

Gezari, Janet. Publisher's site for Last Things: Emily Brontë's Poems (Oxford 2007). Chapter contents: Last Things, Fathoming 'Remembrance', Outcomes and Endings, Fragments, The First Last Thing, Posthumous Brontë.

Olszewski, Brian. "Ludic Economies of Wuthering Heights." Play and playfulness in Journal of Narrative Theory 40, 1 (Winter 2010) [substantial extract, muse].

Stonum, Gary Lee. "Emily's Heathcliff: Metaphysical Love in Dickinson and Brontë" [and Emily Dickinson]. The Emily Dickinson Journal 20, 1 (2011) pp 22-33 [in free issue].

Bibliography & Web Sites

The Brontës: Texts, Sources, and Criticism, includes 14 early (1840s) reviews of the Brontës. By Peter Friesen, SUNY Plattsburgh.

"Women in the Literary Marketplace," an online exhibit from the Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections at Cornell U, contains short entries on several Victorian women authors and their typical themes, information about the publishing context, and some images of first editions.

Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies. An open access, peer-reviewed journal publishing scholarship on gender studies and nineteenth-century British literature, art and culture.

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