Robert Creeley (1926-2005)

A selective list of open access articles on the twentieth-century American poet Robert Creeley, favoring signed articles by recognized scholars and articles published in peer-reviewed sources

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"Robert Creeley." An introduction, plus short excerpts of reputable critical discussions of some of his poems. Modern American Poetry, Univ. of Illinois.

"Robert Creeley." An encyclopedia-type article on Creeley, includes selected poems, a list of his books, and a secondary reading list, from the Poetry Foundation.

"What Is Left Out." Overview of Creeley's poetry, by poet August Kleinzahler. New York Times, 24 Feb. 2008.

"Robert Creeley." From the Electronic Poetry Center at SUNY Buffalo, where Creeley was on the faculty. Extensive links.

"Robert Creeley". A teaching guide for Robert Creeley's poetry, from educational publisher Heath.

"Robert White Creeley's. SUNY Buffalo Reporter, 3 Oct. 1996.

"Interview with Robert Creeley," by J.M. Spalding, Cortland Review, April 1998.

Adamson, Robert. "Robert Creeley 1906-2005." Australian poet writes on his friendship with Creeley. Jacket 26 Oct. 2004.

Obituaries for Robert Creeley from the Washington Post; from the Boston Globe; from the Providence Journal.

Creeley, Robert. The Collected Essays of Robert Creeley (U of Calif. P 1989). Essays by Robert Creeley on poets and painters. Complete book online. California Digital Library.

Wisker, Alastair. "Robert Creeley." An introduction, from the Literary Encyclopedia, 31 Oct. 2002 [subscription service].

literary criticism

Altieri, Charles. "The Unsure Egoist: Robert Creeley and the Theme of Nothingness." Contemporary Literature 13, 2 (Spring 1972) pp 162-85 [free at jstor, click "Preview" or "Read Online"].

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Kelleher, Michael, ed. "Feature: Robert Creeley." Fifteen articles on Creeley by poets and critics. Jacket 31 Oct. 2006.

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