Robert Hayden (1913-1980)

A selective list of online literary criticism for the African American poet Robert Hayden, favoring signed scholarly articles and articles from peer-reviewed sources

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"Robert Hayden." A brief introduction to Hayden. Also, on Langston Hughes, Hayden, and others, "Masters and Master Works: On Black Male Poetics," by Afaa M. Weaver. Academy of American Poets.

"Robert Hayden." Poetry Foundation. Encyclopedia-type introduction to Hayden's themes, style and techniques, with a biography and samples of poems.

"Robert Hayden."An introduction to Hayden, plus excerpts of reputable critical discussions of some poems. Contents: About Hayden's Life and Career, by Mark A. Sanders; On Hayden's Early Work and Cultural Context; On Hayden's History Poems; "Robert Hayden's Epic of Community," by Benjamin Friedlander; On Hayden's Early Work and Paul Laurence Dunbar; On "Middle Passage"; On "Runagate Runagate"; On "A Letter from Phyllis Wheatley"; On "Night, Death, Mississippi" ; On "Aunt Jemima of the Ocean Waves"; On "Elegies for Paradise Valley"; On "The Dogwood Trees"; On "O Daedalus, Fly Away Home." Modern American Poetry. Ed. Jim Smethurst and Cary Nelson.

"Robert Hayden." An introduction to Hayden from educational publisher Pearson/Longman. Includes a biography, critical overview, and a list of Hayden's works.

literary criticism

Conniff, Brian. "Answering 'The Waste Land': Robert Hayden and the Rise of the African American Poetic Sequence" [and T.S. Eliot's "The Waste Land"]. African American Review 33, 3 (Fall 1999) pp 487-506 [first page only, blurred, jstor].

Francescato, Simone. Lost Voices of the Trans-Atlantic Journey: Three Texts by John Berryman, Robert Hayden and J.M. Coetzee. 49th Parallel ejournal.

Friedlander, Benjamin. "Robert Hayden's Epic of Community." Orig. pub. MELUS Fall 1998.

Glaysher, Frederick (ed.) A review of The Collected Poems of Robert Hayden. Reviewed by Major Jackson in Philadelphia, April 4–11, 1996

Greenberg, Robert M., ed. "Robert Hayden." A very brief teachers guide for Robert Hayden, from educational publisher Heath.

Pavlic, Edward M. "'Something patterned, wild, and free': Robert Hayden's angles of descent and the democratic unconscious." African American Review 36, 4 (Winter 2002) [sub ser, questia]

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