A selective list of online literary criticism for the 20th-century Irish poet Paul Muldooon, favoring signed articles by recognized scholars and articles published in peer-reviewed sources

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We Talked and Talked and Talked: Jonathan Safran Foer on Paul Muldoon. LA Weekly 3 May 2002

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Paul Muldoon honored with Pulitzer Prize for poetry. Princeton Weekly Bulletin, 14 April 2003

Paul Muldoon Interview by Gavin J. Grant. Booksense

Fenton, James. On Paul Muldoon's collaborations with the song-writer Warren Zevon "why doesn't it happen more often that people who profess to be poets write song-lyrics too?" The Guardian, 20 Sept. 2003

A Guardian article on contemporary British poetry covers the influence of Heaney, Muldoon, Hill, and others, 5 Oct. 2005

Primary and secondary bibliography from Paul Muldoon's web site.

literary criticism

Kerrigan, John. Paul Muldoon's Transits: "Muddling through after Madoc." On exile and Irishness. Jacket 20 (Dec. 2002)

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McDonald, Peter. Publisher's blurb for Mistaken Identities: Poetry and Northern Ireland (Oxford UP 2000) Covers Seamus Heaney, Tom Paulin, Louis MacNeice, Derek Mahon, Paul Muldoon, and others. A sample chapter is available

Muldoon, Paul. Paul Muldoon's brief discussion of Robert Frost's "The Mountain," in American Poetry Review, Jan. 2001

Muldoon, Paul. Paul Muldoon's personal web site, which contains news about his books and readings

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Potts, Robert. The poet at play. "Widely considered to be the greatest poet of his generation, he has been inspired by his childhood in Northern Ireland and the Troubles. But, say some critics, the work of the Oxford professor of poetry is too wilfully obscure." The Guardian 12 May 2001

Redmond, John. Indicting the Exquisite Review of Paul Muldoon's The Annals of Chile (Faber). Thumbscrew 1 (Winter 1994-5)

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Wills, Clair. Publisher's blurb for Improprieties: Politics and Sexuality in Northern Irish Poetry (Oxford UP 1994) Covers Tom Paulin, Medbh McGuckian, and Paul Muldoon

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