Thomas Pynchon (b. 1937)

A selective list of literary criticism for Thomas Pynchon, favoring signed articles by recognized scholars, articles published in reviewed sources, and web sites that adhere to the Modern Language Association Guidelines for Web Pages

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literary criticism

Howard, Gerald. On Gravity's Rainbow in Bookforum, Summer 2005

Some Things That "Happen" (More Or Less) in Gravity's Rainbow. Lecture notes by Professor Michael Davitt Bell, Williams College

A web site from "the San Narciso Community College Pynchon staff" at Pomona College has material about Thomas Pynchon's works, biography, and themes

A Teacher's Guide to Thomas Pynchon, from textbook publisher Heath

"Line, Vortex, and Mound: On First Reading Thomas Pynchon's Mason & Dixon," an essay by professor Peter Schmidt on Mason & Dixon.

"Thomas Pynchon's Mason & Dixon surveys the making of America," a review by Peter Keough. The Boston Phoenix May 1977

"Pynchon's Line Dance," a review of Mason & Dixon by Bill Brazell in Metroactive Magazine

A review of Mason & Dixon by Blake de Pastino at calls it "cryptic, postmodern and ambitious, this is no fast-food novel." July 1997

"Vineland retains Pynchon's sense of the absurd," a brief review of Vineland by Mark Webster in The Tech (MIT), March 1990

Postmodern Culture, a peer-reviewed journal on contemporary culture, offering "commentary, criticism, and theory on subjects ranging from identity politics to the economics of information." The text-only version of the journal is open access.

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