William Stafford (1914-1993)

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introduction & literary criticism

"William Stafford." Encyclopedia-type introduction to the poet's themes, style and techniques, with a biography, bibliography, and samples of poems. "If you have been wondering where the articulate, readable poems have gone in the last third of the 20th century, you might start with Stafford," the article begins. Poetry Foundation.

"William Stafford." About William Stafford; On "At the Bomb Testing Site"; On "Traveling Through the Dark"; An Interview with Stafford; Online Interviews; Bibliography, from the Modern American Poetry. Ed. Cary Nelson (U of Illinois).

"William Stafford." A very brief introduction to Stafford. Academy of American Poets.

Holden, Jonathan. "William Stafford: Genius in Camouflage." Holden, a scholar specializing in William Stafford and a poet, writes informally about how he came to work on Stafford and his personal experience with him.

Kitchen, Judith. Publisher's site for Writing the World: Understanding William Stafford. Includes excerpt, Introduction (Oregon State UP 1999).

Metres, Philip. "William Stafford's Down in My Heart: The Poetics of Pacifism and the Limits of Lyric." Peace & Change 29 (January 2004).

William Stafford's archive at Pittsburg State U, Kansas.

Center for Great Plains Studies A brief biography of William Stafford, primary bibliography, and annotated secondary bibliography (U of Nebraska).

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