Daniel Defoe (1660-1731)

A selective list of articles on the eighteenth-century English novelist Daniel Defoe, favoring signed articles by recognized scholars and articles published in reviewed sources

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"Daniel Defoe." A good brief biography, from the Defoe Society.

"Defoe's Reputation" and "The Publication of Robinson Crusoe." Professor's web site at CUNY.

Bellamy, Liz. On Daniel Defoe's Conjugal Lewdness (1727). Clark, Robert. On The Fortunate Mistress; or Roxana (1724). Prichard, Penny. On Daniel Defoe's A Weekly Review of the Affairs of France (1704); On The Consolidator (1705); On The Family Instructor (1715); On A Journal of the Plague Year (1722); On The Complete English Tradesman (1726). Rothman, Irving N. and R. Michael Bowerman. On Daniel Defoe's The Political History of the Devil (1726. Seager, Nicholas. On Daniel Defoe's The Life, Adventures and Piracies of the Famous Captain Singleton (1720). Sim, Stuart. On Daniel Defoe's The Farther Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (1719); On The Life and Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (1719); On The History and Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders (1722); On Colonel Jack (1722) The Literary Encyclopedia [subscription service].

Literary Criticism

Current issue of Digital Defoe," a scholarly, open access journal of literary criticism on Defoe. Also Archive, articles from previous issues of Digital Defoe.

Brown, Homer O. "The Displaced Self in the Novels of Daniel Defoe." ELH 38, 4 (Dec. 1971), pp. 562-590 [free at jstor].

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