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Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-1861)

A selective list of online literary criticism for the nineteenth-century Victorian poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning, with links to reliable biographical and introductory material and signed, peer-reviewed, and scholarly literary criticism

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Introduction & Biography

"Elizabeth Barrett Browning." Introduction to Elizabeth Barrett Browning, with text for some of her most famous poems. Academy of American Poets.

"Elizabeth Barrett Browning." Biography and a discussion of her poetry. Includes recommended articles and books on her. From the Poetry Foundation..

"Elizabeth Barrett Browning." Essays on EBB's style, themes, biography, and the Victorian background. From The Victorian Web. Prof. George Landow, ed.

"The Brownings: A Research Guide." A comprehensive online research guide to all known Browning-related materials. Provided by The Armstrong Browning Library of Baylor University.

Pollock, Mary. "Elizabeth Barrett Browning." On Aurora Leigh. Literary Encyclopedia 4 July 2003. Eds. Robert Clark, Emory Elliott, Janet Todd. An introduction to EBB, from a database that provides signed literary criticism by experts in their field [subscription service].

Literary Criticism, Aurora Leigh

Brown, Sarah Annes. "Paradise Lost and Aurora Leigh." Studies in English Literature, 1500-1900 37, 4 (Autumn 1997) pp 723-40 [free at jstor].

Case, Alison. "Gender and Narration in Aurora Leigh." Victorian Poetry 29, 1 (Spring 1991) pp 17-32 [free at jstor].

Dalley, Lana L. "'The least 'Angelical' poem in the language: political economy, gender, and the heritage of Aurora Leigh." Victorian Poetry 44, 4 (Winter 2006) [excerpt of article, muse].

Dillon, Steve. "Barrett Browning's poetic vocation: crying, singing, breathing." Victorian Poetry (Winter 2001) [excerpt, muse].

Johnson, Stephanie L. "Aurora Leigh's radical youth: derridean parergon and the narrative frame in 'A Vision of Poets.'" Victorian Poetry 44, 4 (Winter 2006) pp 425-44 [excerpt muse].

Rosenblum, Dolores. "Face to Face: Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Aurora Leigh and Nineteenth-Century Poetry." Victorian Studies 26, 3 (Spring 1983) pp 321-38 [free at jstor].

Rosenblum, Dolores. "Casa Guidi Windows and Aurora Leigh: The Genesis of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Visionary Aesthetic." Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature 4, 1 (Spring 1985) pp 61-8 [free at jstor].

Steinmetz, Virginia V. "Images of 'Mother-Want' in Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Aurora Leigh." Victorian Poetry 21, 4 (Winter 1983) pp 351-67 [free at jstor].

Stiles, Cheryl. "'Different Planes of Sensuous Form': American Critical and Popular Responses to Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Aurora Leigh and Last Poems Annotated Bibliography, American Periodicals, 1856-62." Research Society for Victorian Periodicals 40, 3 (Fall 2007) pp 239-55 [free at jstor].

Stone, Marjorie. "Genre Subversion and Gender Inversion: The Princess and Aurora Leigh." Victorian Poetry 25, 2 (Summer 1987) pp 101-127 [free at jstor].

Taylor, Olivia Gatti. "Written in blood: the art of mothering epic in the poetry of Elizabeth Barrett Browning" [Aurora Leigh]. Victorian Poetry 44, 2 (June 2006) pp 153-64 [excerpt, muse].

Wallace, Anne D. "'Nor in Fading Silks Compose': Sewing, Walking, and Poetic Labor in Aurora Leigh." ELH 64, 1 (Spring 1997) pp 223-56 [free at jstor].

Zonana, Joyce. "The Embodied Muse: Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Aurora Leigh and Feminist Poetics." Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature 8, 2 (Autumn 1989) pp 240-62 [free at jstor].

Literary Criticism, Sonnets

Billone, Amy. "'In silence like to death': Elizabeth Barrett's sonnet turn." Victorian Poetry 39, 4 (Winter 2001) pp 533-50 [free at jstor].

Mermin, Dorothy. "The Female Poet and the Embarrassed Reader: Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Sonnets from the Portuguese." ELH 48, 2 (Summer 1981) pp 351-67 [free at jstor].

Morlier, Margaret. "The hero and the sage: Elizabeth Barrett's Sonnets 'To George Sand' in Victorian context." Victorian Poetry 41, 3 (Fall 2003) pp 319-32 [excerpt, muse].

Neri, Barbara. "Cobridme de flores: (un)covering flowers of Portuguese and Spanish poets in Sonnets from the Portuguese." Victorian Poetry (Winter 2006) [free].

Smith, Fred Manning. "Mrs. Browning's Rhymes." PMLA 54, 3 (Sept. 1939) pp 829-34 [free at jstor].

Van Remoortel, Marianne. "(Re)gendering Petrarch: Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Sonnets from the Portuguese." Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature 25, 2 (Fall 2006) pp 247-66 [free at jstor].

Literary Criticism, Other Works By/On Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Avery, Simon. "Telling it slant: Promethean, Whig, and dissenting politics in Elizabeth Barrett's poetry of the 1830s." Victorian Poetry 44, 4 (Winter 2006) [subscription service, questia].

Davies, Corinne. "Two of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Pan poems and their after-life in Robert Browning's 'Pan and Luna.'" Victorian Poetry 44, 4 (Winter 2006) pp 561-70 [free at jstor].

Dieleman, Karen. "Elizabeth Barrett Browning's religious poetics: Congregationalist models of hymnist and preacher." Victorian Poetry 45, 2 (Summer 2007) pp 135-57 [excerpt, muse].

Fish, Laura. "Strange Music: engaging imaginatively with the family of Elizabeth Barrett Browning from a Creole and Black Woman's perspective." Victorian Poetry 44, 4 (Winter 2006) pp 507-24 [free at jstor].

Hoagwood, Terence Allan. "Biblical criticism and secular sex: Elizabeth Barrett's A Drama of Exile and Jean Ingelow's A Story of Doom." Hoagwood notes, "like Jean Ingelow's epic retelling of the episode of Noah in A Story of Doom, Elizabeth Barrett's poem has nothing to do with religion in any sense that would be understood by a literal believer." Victorian Poetry 44, 4 (Summer 2004) pp 487-505 [sub ser, questia].

Inboden, Robin L. "Damsels, dulcimers, and dreams: Elizabeth Barrett's early response to Coleridge." Victorian Poetry 46, 2 (Summer 2008) pp 129-50 [excerpt, muse].

Lootens, Tricia. "Publishing and reading 'Our EBB': editorial pedagogy, contemporary culture, and 'The Runaway Slave at Pilgrim's Point.'" Victorian Poetry (Winter 2006) [excerpt, muse].

Martens, Britta. "'Hardly shall I tell my joys and sorrows': Robert Browning's engagement with Elizabeth Barrett Browning's poetics." Victorian Poetry 43, 1 (Spring 2005) [sub ser, questia].

Marshall, Gail. "Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Shakespeare: translating the language of intimacy." Victorian Poetry 44, 4 (Winter 2006) pp 467-86 [free at jstor].

Ryan, Brandy. "'Echo and reply': the elegies of Felicia Hemans, Letitia Landon, and Elizabeth Barrett." Victorian Poetry 46, 3 (Fall 2008) pp 249-77 [excerpt, muse].

Saunders, Clare Broome. "'Judge no more what ladies do': Elizabeth Barrett Browning's active medievalism, the female troubadour, and Joan of Arc." Victorian Poetry 44, 4 (Winter 2006) pp 585-97 [excerpt, muse].

Stone, Marjorie; Taylor, Beverly. "'Confirm my voice': 'My sisters,' poetic audiences, and the published voices of EBB." Victorian Poetry 44, 4 (Winter 2006) pp 391-403 [excerpt, muse].

Stone, Marjorie. "Elizabeth Barrett Browning." A year's summary of scholarship on EBB, 2008. Victorian Poetry 47, 3 (Fall 2009) [sub ser, questia].

Stone, Marjorie. "Elizabeth Barrett Browning." A year's summary of scholarship on EBB, 2009. Victorian Poetry (Fall 2010) [sub ser, questia].

Stone, Marjorie. "Elizabeth Barrett Browning." A year's summary of scholarship on EBB, 2010. Victorian Poetry 49, 3 (Fall 2011) [sub ser, questia].

Taylor, Beverly. "Elizabeth Barrett Browning and the politics of childhood." Victorian Poetry 46, 4 (Winter 2008) pp 405-27 [excerpt, muse].

Tucker, Herbert F. "An ebbigrammar of motives; or, ba for short." Victorian Poetry 44, 4 (Winter 2006) pp 445-66 [free at jstor].

Woodworth, Elizabeth. "Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Coventry Patmore, and Alfred Tennyson on Napoleon III: The Hero-Poet and Carlylean Heroics." Woodworth contends that "like the Hero-Poet that Carlyle describes, Elizabeth Barrett Browning undertakes a heroic mission in the last volume of poems published in her lifetime, Poems before Congress, a volume supporting the Italian Risorgimento." Victorian Poetry 44, 4 (Winter 2006) pp 543-60 [free at jstor].

Victorian Cultural & Historical Context

"Women in the Literary Marketplace," an online exhibit from the Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections at Cornell U, contains short entries on several Victorian women authors and their typical themes, information about the publishing context, and some images of first editions.

"Victorianism." The Victorian Web. Ed. George P. Landow. Essays topics include Victorianism as a Fusion of Neoclassical and Romantic Ideas; The Complex Realities of Victorianism; Main Currents in Victorian Intellectual History; The fundamental conflicts of Victorian poetry; Density and Elaborate Interconnectedness of High and Late Victorian culture; The Difficulties of Victorian Poetry; Victorian Doubt and Victorian Architecture; Victorian taste; Victorian Design; Race in Thought and Science; Victorian Earnestness; The Seaside in the Victorian Literary Imagination; Tennyson and Victorianism; The Victorian Gentleman; Crisis of Organized Religion; Queen Victoria.

"Monuments and Dust." Eds. Michael Levenson, David Trotter, Anthony Wohl. IATH, U of Va. A project by an international group of scholars who are creating a complex visual, textual, and statistical representation of Victorian London.

Jackson, Lee. "A Dictionary of Victorian London." Victorian social history through a "dictionary" of Victorian institutions.

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