Ammons, A.R. (1926-2001)

A selective list of online literary criticism on the twentieth-century American poet A.R. Ammons, favoring signed articles by recognized scholars and articles published in peer-reviewed sources

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introduction & biography

"A.R. Ammons." An introduction to A.R. Ammons, plus excerpts of reputable critical discussions of "Corsons Inlet," "Coon Song," and "Gravelly Run." Modern American Poetry, eds. Steven P. Schneider and Cary Nelson.

"A.R. Ammons." An extended introduction to Ammons, includes a list of his works and a secondary reading list, from the Poetry Foundation.

"A.R. Ammons." An introduction to Ammons. From the Academy of American Poets.

Conte, Joseph. "The Smooth and the Striated: Compositional Texture in the Modern Long Poem." Conte notes that 'The "smooth texts" among twentieth-century long poems might include. . . . A.R. Ammons's Garbage (1993)." Modern Language Studies 27 (Spring 1997).

Goldfarb, David. "The Psychology of Criticism and the Poetry of A.R. Ammons." About a visit by Dr. Goldfarb to the Finger Lakes and Ammons' Lake Effect Country. Mosaic 1993.

literary criticism

Adames, John. "A.R. Ammons's Stevensian Search for a Supreme Fiction in Sphere." Twentieth Century Literature 43, 1 (Spring 1997) pp 41-56 [free at jstor].

Bloom, Harold. "A.R. Ammons: The Breaking of the Vessels." Salmagundi 31/32 (1975/1976) pp 185-203 [free at jstor].

DiCiccio, Lorraine C. "Garbage: A.R. Ammons's tape for the turn of the century." Papers on Language and Literature 32, 2 (Spring 1996) [questia subscription service].

Lehman, David. "A.R. Ammons: 'God Is the Sense the World Makes without God.'" The American Poetry Review 35, 3 (May/June 2006) pp 19-21 [free at jstor].

McGuirk, Kevin. "A.R. Ammons and the Whole Earth." Cultural Critique 37 (Autumn 1997) pp 131-58 [free at jstor].

McGuirk, Kevin. "A.R. Ammons and 'the only terrible health' of Poetics." McGuirk asks "what are we to make of the contemporary lyric's continuing advertisement of presence when postmodernism elsewhere celebrates surface, difference, and alterity?" Postmodern Culture 9, 1 (September 1998).

Orr, Linda. "The Cosmic Backyard of A.R. Ammons." Diacritics 3, 4 (Winter 1973) pp 3-13 [free at jstor].

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