Robert Bly (b. 1926)

A selective list of online literary criticism for American poet and translator Robert Bly, favoring signed articles by recognized scholars and articles published in peer-reviewed sources

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"Robert Bly." An introduction that includes excerpts of reputable literary criticism: On "Counting Small-Boned Bodies"; On "The Dead Seal near McClure's Beach"; "The Poetics of Bly's Deep Image"--by Kevin Bushell; Bly--"Acceptance of the National Book Award" (1969); Bly--"War is the Health of the State" (1991); About the Vietnam War; Robert Bly on Male Violence Modern American Poetry (U of Illinois).

"Robert Bly." An extended, introductory article on Robert Bly's career, includes selected poems, a list of his works and a secondary reading list. Poetry Foundation.

"Robert Bly, American Poet." Bly's official site. Contains a biography, interviews, and reviews of his books.

"Robert Bly." A brief introduction to Bly, includes text for some of his poems and translations, from the Academy of American Poets.

Davis, William V. "Robert Bly." A substantial introduction to Robert Bly from theLiterary Encyclopedia, 08 January 2001. Eds. Robert Clark, Emory Elliott, Janet Todd. On Silence in the Snowy Fields (1962); The Light Around the Body (1967); Sleepers Joining Hands (1973); The Morning Glory (1975); This Body is Made of Camphor and Gopherwood (1977); This Tree Will Be Here For A Thousand Years (1979); The Man in the Black Coat Turns (1981); Loving a Woman in Two Worlds (1983) [subscription service].

"Interview: Robert Bly." In a PBS interview, Robert Bly talks about male violence and his book Iron John: A Book About Men.

Iron John: A Book About Men. Reviewed by Daniel Egger. Viet Nam Generation Journal & Newsletter Nov. 1991.

"Return of the Male." Novelist Martin Amis considers Iron John: A Book About Men and two other books about masculinity. London Review of Books 5 Dec. 1991.

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