Ted Hughes (1930-1998)

A selective list online literary criticism for the twentieth-century English poet Ted Hughes, favoring signed articles by recognized scholars and articles published in peer-reviewed sources

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"Ted Hughes." Poetry Foundation. An encyclopedia-type article on Ted Hughes: biography, list of works and suggested readings, and text for some of his most famous poems.

"Ted Hughes." A brief introduction and biography of Ted Hughes. Academy of American Poets.

"Ted Hughes, The Art of Poetry No. 71." Ted Hughes is interviewed. Paris Review 134 (Spring 1995).

"Ted Hughes to be honoured at Poets' Corner: Ted Hughes is to be honoured with a memorial at Poets' Corner in Westminster Abbey following a campaign led by Seamus Heaney and Sir Andrew Motion." Telegraph 23 March 2010.

"Beguiled by the wild: Ted Hughes' tone varied little over 50 years–but does that matter? John Kinsella finds the authority of a master in his Collected Poems." Guardian 2 Nov. 2003.

Wagner, Erica. "Life After Plath." The editor of the (London) Times discusses the publication of Hughes' Birthday Letters. "After nearly thirty five years of silence on the subject, it was revealed towards the end of January 1998 that Hughes was finally going to speak out, by publishing a hitherto unsuspected collection of poems written over the years since Plath died, about his life with her." Magma 12 (Spring 1998).

"Ted on Sylvia, for the record: The British Library has recently acquired the 30-year correspondence between Ted Hughes and the critic Keith Sagar." Guardian 18 August 2001.

"More on Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath." A New York Times feature site on Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath, contains links to archived Times articles on the poets, including a 1957 review by W.S. Merwin of The Hawk in Rain.

Gifford, Terry. "The Fate of Ted Hughes's Papers." "It seems to have gone unnoticed in the UK that in spring 1997 Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia bought, for an undisclosed sum, the entire collection of Ted Hughes's papers–all 2.5 tons of manuscripts, notebooks and letters." Thumbscrew 14 (Autumn 1999).

Bere, Carol. "Ted Hughes." An introduction to Ted Hughes, from a database that provides signed literary criticism by experts in their field, and is available to individuals for a reasonably-priced subscription. Literary Encyclopedia, 04 October 2004 [subscription service].

literary criticism

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Clanchy, Kate. "The Nationalisation of Ted Hughes." On teaching Ted Hughes in Britain, the author asks "why, then, are we as a nation so anxious to expose the young to Hughes?" Thumbscrew 14 (Autumn 1999).

Eddins, Dwight. "Ted Hughes and Schopenhauer: The Poetry of the Will." Eddins contends that Schopenhauer's pessimism "finds its fullest poetic realization, however, in our own time, in the verse of Ted Hughes. His menagerie–the hawk, the jaguar, the shark, and their ilk–fits even better than [D. H. ] Lawrence's birds, beasts, and flowers into Schopenhauer's 'bellum omnium' of predation." Twentieth Century Literature 45, 1 (Spring 1999) pp 94-109 [free at jstor, click "Preview" or "Read Online"].

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Webster, Richard. 'The thought-fox' and the poetry of Ted Hughes, Critical Quarterly 26, 4 (Winter 1984).

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