Randall Jarrell (1914-1965)

A selective list of online literary criticism for poet Randall Jarrell, favoring signed articles by recognized scholars, articles published in reviewed sources, and web sites that adhere to the MLA Guidelines for Authors of Web Sites

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"Randall Jarrell." An introduction to Randall Jarrell as a critic, and as a poet in the "modern plain style" as practiced by Robert Frost, Thomas Hardy, and Philip Larkin. Poetry Foundation.

"Randall Jarrell." About Randall Jarrell, by William Pritchard. Excerpts from Jarrell's Letters Describing Army Life, Jarrell on Marianne Moore's Anti-War Poem, on Jarrell's War Poetry, on "The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner," on "2nd Air Force," on "Protocols," on "Losses," on "Front." About the Holocaust, about World War II. Modern American Poetry. Eds. Edward Brunner and Cary Nelson.

"Randall Jarrell." Short profile of Jarrell and a recommended reading list. North Carolina Writers.

"Life Studies." Academy of American Poets. A brief summary of modern American poetry, mentions Randall Jarrell's importance.

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A review of Randall Jarrell and His Age by Stephen Burt (Columbia UP). Says reviewer Jacques Khalip, "In his splendid book Randall Jarrell and His Age Stephen Burt finally answers the question 'Who was Randall Jarrell?' by setting his poems within several layers of aesthetic, social, and psychological contexts." Boston Review Oct./Nov. 2003.

Pritchard, William. Google site for Randall Jarrell: a Literary Life. Reviewer Jeffrey Hart said: "This book sets itself a sporting task: to revise upward the current view of Randall Jarrell's poetry" (National Review 17 Sept 1990).

A review of The Middle Generation: The Lives and Poetry of Delmore Schwartz, Randall Jarrell, John Berryman, and Robert Lowell by Bruce Bawer. Reviewed by James Atlas in the New Criterion. In another review Jeffrey Meyers said, "Bawer's uneven first book, a literary study based on a dissertation and apparently completed in 1983, is less lively and sophisticated than his recent reviews in the New Criterion" (National Review 27 March 1987).

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