Philip Levine (1928-2015)

A selective list of online literary criticism for 20th-century American (Detriot) poet Philip Levine, favoring signed articles by recognized scholars and articles published in peer-reviewed sources

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New York Times obituary, "An Appraisal: The Poet Philip Levine, an Outsider Archiving the Forgotten." New York Times 15 Feb. 2015.

"Philip Levine." An introduction to Levine, plus excerpts of reputable critical discussions of some poems. Contents: About Philip Levine; On "Animals Are Passing from Our Lives"; On "The Horse"; On "They Feed They Lion"; On "Francisco, I'll Bring You Red Carnations"; On "On the Meeting of Garcia Lorca and Hart Crane"; Levine Book Jackets; Bibliography; About the Spanish Civil War; About World War II; A Photo Essay on the Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Modern American Poetry. Ed. Cary Nelson.

"Philip Levine." An introduction to Levine. "The Two." Academy of American Poets.

"Philip Levine." Poetry Foundation. Ed. Catherine Halley. Good, encyclopedia-type introduction to Levine's themes and techniques, with a biography and samples of his poems.

"Philip Levine." Poetry Archive. Directors, Andrew Motion & Richard Carrington.

"A Useful Poetry." An interview with Philip Levine in the Atlantic Monthly, 8 April 1999, with Wen Stephenson.

"Poet Philip Levine reconstructs Detroit, brick by brick." A review by David Kipen of "Breath" (Knopf). San Francisco Chronicle, 19 October 2004.

"Philip Levine." In an interview, Levine talks about studying under John Berryman at the Univ. of Iowa. Levine remarks, "He spoke with an English accent, complete fraudulent accent, and he spoke in the higher registers of his voice. Hello, Phil, how are you today? That's the way he'd speak. Oh you doing quite well, eh?" Courtland Review, May 1999.

An interview with Philip Levine, National Book Award Foundation.

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