James Schuyler (1923-1991)

A selective list of online criticism for New York School poet James Schuyler, favoring signed articles by recognized scholars and articles published in peer-reviewed sources

introduction & biography

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"James Schuyler." An biography on Schuyler and some relevant articles. Poetry Foundation.

"James Schuyler." A brief introduction to James Schuyler from the Academy of American Poets.

"James Schuyler." Links for James Schuyler and a biography, from the Electronic Poetry Center at SUNY Buffalo.

Di Piero, W. S."Baby Sweetness Blew His Cool Again: James Schuyler's letters require patience, but there's soul under the gossip (on Schuyler's letters). Poetry Foundation.

Little, Carl. "An Interview with James Schuyler." Interviewed at the Chelsea Hotel, where Schuyler was a long-term resident. Agni 37 (1993) pp 152-82.

Lehman, David. The Last Avant-Garde: The Making of the New York School of Poets (1998) The introduction to Lehman's book is reprinted in Jacket Magazine 5 (Oct. 1998) Also, a review, by Paul Hoover, from Jacket Magazine 6

Phillips, Rodney On the New York School poets from the Literary Encyclopedia, 20 December 2004 [subscription service]

literary criticism

Allison, Raphael. "James Schuyler's Beef with Ordinary Language." Journal of Modern Literature 34, 3 (Spring 2011) pp 106-27.

Katz, Daniel. "James Schuyler's Epistolary Poetry: Things, Postcards, Ekphrasis." Journal of Modern Literature 34, 1 (Fall 2010) pp 143-61.

Kaufmann, David, ed. "A Schuyler of Urgent Concern." A special feature at Jacket2, of essays, appreciations, and poems, includes articles on James Schuyler's poetry of everyday goings on, by Andrew Epstein; on Schuyler's aesthetic of how things fall apart and hold together, by Maude Emerson; on the importance of "the day" in Schuyler's poetry, by Kaufmann; and much more. Jacket2 30 June, 2012.

Moss, Howard. "James Schuyler: Whatever Is Moving." The American Poetry Review 10, 3 (May/June 1981) pp 14-16.

Ziegenhagen, Eric."James Schuyler in the Spotlight: A New York School poet with a flair for the dramatic. Poetry Foundation.

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