Gary Snyder (b. 1930)

A selective list of online literary criticism for ecological poet Gary Snyder, favoring signed articles by recognized scholars and articles published in peer-reviewed sources

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An introduction to Gary Snyder from Modern American Poetry with the following articles: About Gary Snyder; Chronology; On "Riprap"; On "Straight-Creek--Great Burn"; On "Beneath My Hand and Eye the Distant Hills, Your Body"; On "I Went Into the Maverick Bar"; On "Axe Handles"; "Gary Snyder: A Postmodern Perspective," an essay by Todd Ensign; "Poem as Work-Place: Gary Snyder's Ecological Poetics," an essay by Nick Selby. Modern American Poetry (U of Illinois), ed. Cary Nelson.

"Gary Snyder." A comprehensive introduction to Snyder, covers his interest in Buddhism, with links to some of his best known poems. Poetry Foundation.

"The Post Natural World." An interview with Gary Snyder. Poetry Foundation

Campbell, James. "High peak haikus," a profile of Gary Snyder and review of Danger On Peaks (2004). The Observer, 16 July 2005

Snyder, Gary. Gary Snyder speaks about his study of haiku, on receiving in Japan a grand prize for his haiku. Modern Haiku, 36, 2 (Summer 2005).

Suiter, John. An essay about John Suiter's Poets on the Peaks, "Gary Snyder on Crater Mountain, 1952, " by Noel V. Bourasaw. Skagit River Journal

A brief introduction to Gary Snyder from the Academy of American Poets

"Poetry and Action." Prague Writers' Festival director Michael March interviews Gary Snyder about environmental and social responsibility. The Guardian, 30 May 2007

Murphy, Patrick D. A substantial introduction to Gary Snyder from the Literary Encyclopedia, 21 March 2002 [subscription service]

literary criticism

Kern, Robert."Mountains and Rivers Are Us: Gary Snyder and the Nature of the Nature of Nature." College Literature 27, 1, Teaching Beat Literature (Winter, 2000), pp. 119-138 [free at jstor].

Kern, Robert."Clearing the Ground: Gary Snyder and the Modernist Imperative." Criticism 19, 2 (Spring 1977), pp. 158-177 [free at jstor].

Martin, Julia."Practising Emptiness: Gary Snyder's Playful Ecological Work." Western American Literature 27, 1 (Spring 1992), pp. 3-19 [free at jstor].

Gray, Timothy G. "Semiotic Shepherds: Gary Snyder, Frank O'Hara, and the Embodiment of an Urban Pastoral." Contemporary Literature 39, 4 (Winter 1998) [free at jstor].

Whitaker, Thomas R. "Gary Snyder." Suggestions for teaching Gary Snyder's poetry include comparing it to William Carlos Williams, for their similar interest in particulars and how they suggest a pattern and link with the universal. Heath Guides.

Inventory of the Gary Snyder papers, Special Collections at the U of Calif., Davis

"Creative Reading and Writing: Mind Moving." A non-traditional syllabus, from Naropa, for a class focusing on "Philip Zenshin Whalen and Gary Snyder's early processes of artistic synthesis and fusion along with their Buddhist appropriations and assimilations." Contains archival audio clips

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